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Re: FC2 and Firefox

Op do 27-05-2004, om 22:03 schreef William Hooper:
> Jörn Hassler said:
> > Sorry for spaming the list with problems like this, but i have
> > a strange problem with firefox and fc2.
> You are using a stable release of Fedora, please ask your questions on the
> fedora-list.
Hmm, why should he? he's having a problem with firefox *and* fc2. 
It's not helpful if the fc-list would start referring to firefox and
You would get nowhere.

Jorn: seeing that root is able to run firefox without problems, it
indicates that it is almost certainly a permissions problem and not a
problem in the firefox application.

Firefox apparently wants to write somewhere it can't or read somewhere
it can't.

Try to run firefox from the commandline.
That will probably give you an indication of where the problem lies.

Tino Meinen

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