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Re: FC2 and Firefox

William Hooper wrote:

Tino Meinen said:

Op do 27-05-2004, om 22:03 schreef William Hooper:

Jörn Hassler said:

Sorry for spaming the list with problems like this, but i have
a strange problem with firefox and fc2.

You are using a stable release of Fedora, please ask your questions on the fedora-list.

Hmm, why should he? he's having a problem with firefox *and* fc2. It's not helpful if the fc-list would start referring to firefox and vice-versa. You would get nowhere.

OK, I'll play... how does it relate to Fedora Test releases?  He's using
FC2 *a stable release*, not a test release, not an updates-testing

"For testers of Fedora Core development releases <fedora-test-list redhat com>". Perhaps if you consider it feedback to "testers" of things that did not get discovered by their testing it may allow those testers to improve the testing process?

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