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Re:Missing Files

New to list today.(sorry)
Is the development tree ok for testing by interested parties?

Missing files in /Fedora/Base and /images
Googled the ones at Duke but tree is older and missing files do not work
on new tree.
Anaconda fails.
Build stamp or something on header file order/version?
Ftp at Duke was to slow to downgrade if there is a working version of
the missing files.

Would love to test both 32bit and 64bit.
I have 450mz cube and Dual G5.
Might even go get a Powerbook in the not to distant future.

Have FC2 on amd64 and 32 machines.
Have had 0 lockups on either machine since installed. Few odd bugs but
very usable and stable.

Am cancer patient with daytime on my hands.
Am tired of waiting for SCO to die.(It is only a matter of time though)

Am lucid and semi-competent with 2 athlon linux machines, 1 athlon linux
laptop, 1 MacOsx Dual G5, 1 G4 Cube, 1 amd64 linux, 1 Xbox Xebian 1.02,
Sharp Zaurus 5600. Have numerus hardware setups ATI 9800,ATI 9600,ATI
7000, Rage 128, Xbox chip video chip(can't remember offhand),  Dvd
writer sony, Superdrives, CD recorders, Bttv cards, 4 different video
cams, tv cards, etc. Over 1 terrabyte combined HD storage. Broadband
routers, wireless B router and access points, switches, hubs, usb hubs,
DV video cameras,  usb storage devices, KVM switches, LCD flat screens,
5 printers/lasers.(One sick puppy I think)

Have 2 dual athlon MP boards w/chips if anybody wants to pay shipping. 
Either MB's broke or CPU's broke, but 1 processer will run on both
I believe they are both odd frq chips 1900mhz and 2100mhz.  Seems I have
better luck with all athlons with even mhz ie 2600,3000.  Have wasted to
much time on them recently, moving on.(Without warranty of course)
Am moving in 30 days don't want to toss if anybody wants.
Contact me if interested.

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