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[ANNOUNCE] Build-1.91 (Code Name Wombat)

Hi folks,

As promised, the first Fedora Core 2 based tree of Aurora SPARC Linux is
now available. Like I've previously said, its not an installable tree
(this means, no ISOs). We'll get there eventually, this is just
something so that people can get a baseline upgrade.

Now, I have yumified the tree, so if you're feeling really brave, you
can always point yum at it, and try to upgrade that way. A version of
yum for Aurora 1.0 is here:

If you're a listed mirror site, please sync the build-1.91 directory,
and chime in. The primary directory is currently at:

Now, for the known bugs:

After tearing my hair out for a week or so, I came to the conclusion
(backed by several other people trying to do the same thing for other
distributions) that SILO 1.4.* is completely broken. Build 1.91 uses
SILO 1.3.2 which should work fine. If it doesn't, let me know.

The sparc32 kernel in the tree has known issues with sun4c. If you're
interested in helping to troubleshoot these issues, email me offlist,
otherwise, be forewarned. :)

system-config-display doesn't work right. Me and Peter fixed it
yesterday, though, so there's no need to file bugs on it.

I know the package revisions don't quite match up to FC2 final. Next
tree should be a lot closer.

Any other bugs that you find? Please either email me or file them in
bugzilla.auroralinux.org, under Corona.

Thanks for your continued patience,

Tom "spot" Callaway <tcallawa(a)redhat*com> LCA, RHCE 
Red Hat Sales Engineer || Aurora SPARC Linux Project Leader

"If you are going through hell, keep going."
- Sir Winston Churchill

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