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pppd problem again????

Title: pppd problem again????

Dear all,

Now that I have installed FC2 I noticed that the active-filter option is
compiled in the new distrib. Thank you all on that (and for the new
Fedora.... really nice)

Now I have another problem. pppd daemon keeps on complaining that:

May 28 20:59:28 gw pppd[4643]: error in active-filter _expression_:
inbound/outbound not supported on linktype 0

I looked on tcpdump man page (and pppd) but no answers there!

Now what?  :)
The previous problem is fixed (tha fact that pppd needed recompilation to
support active-filter and then wvdial did not work with pppd) and now there
is a new one. I have the filling that this cameout of the new kernel! true?

I do not need to mention that it is a VERY needed option, to make clear to
pppd when to drop the link as idle.

Thank you all again.

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