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Kernel-source RPM For "Minimal" Fedora Core 2 Installs

I did a "minimal" Fedora Core 2 install mainly to play with. You don't get X with this -- fine by me. To that I wanted to add the rpm's needed for software development. One of these is the kernel-source RPM. This package requires qt-devel and gtk2-devel, each of which in turn has a long list of dependencies. Using rpm -ivh --force... doesn't seem to work. To keep things small, I installed the kernel src.rpm package, and edited the spec file to remove the requirement for qt-devel and gtk2-devel. Then built it with rpmbuild --bb and finally installed the new kernel-source rpm.

That in turn allowed me to do 'make menuconfig' which is all I really need for this "play" system.

Is there a less complicated way to get around the qt-devel and gtk2-devel requirements just to install the kernel source on a system without X?


Bob Cochran
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

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