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Re: round() in glibc*2.3.3-31

Hello all-

>I just hope that possible employers during their background checks
>stumble across this kind of messages to weed out incompetent programmers
>who always try to blame others for the bugs in their own code.

oh, a personal attack that accomplished a lot. i'm glad you wrote this, it was
really insightful, very informative, and definitely not a waste of everyone's
time or anything (including the time it took for you to type it). it's a shame
that you are so insecure that you have to throw stones at other people (maybe
just me, who knows) to make yourself feel better. ;-)

i've already sent you a personal response, no sense of carrying on here about
this but i do want to add that i never blame others for mistakes i make. and, i
wasn't really blaming anyone. if you'll recall, i'd asked a question "is this
documented somewhere" followed by a question mark and then added if not "i
think it should" i.e. in the man pages for round() and math.h. this might be
the first time that i tried to help someone (or something) and got attacked for
doing so (the fedora core distro by finding and documenting bugs; btw, i found
another in X... just now as i write this my X server just crashed multiple
times! note to everyone reading, i am not blaming the xorg group for this bug,
after all maybe i did something wrong, i am "incompetent" after all. ;-0)

and, one final thing. i'm actually a fairly competent programmer... i challenge
you to a coding contest if you really feel the urge to prove yourself! until
then, i'll continue to file bugs in bugzilla and comment on others i find while
wallowing in my "incompetence".

mark "sorry to steal jef's signature move, my apologies to him, but since when
does suggesting an addition to the man pages and asking a question about c99
when you've always been a K&R C guy (hence, the ignorance about round returning
junk data which i still maintain is something gcc should fix lest it not be
allowed without -std=c99) deserve a tirade about programmer incompetence?"
fonnemann. :-)

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