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Re: pppd problem again????

Title: Re: pppd problem again????

I did try to recompile the pppd-2.4.2 but it did not make any difference.
(by the way pppd shipping with FC2 by default has filter enabled / compiled
2.4.1 does not compile. It needs a patch for net/bpf.h that is not available
in the 2.4.1 tar ball. Available on 2.4.2.

The kernel shipping by default with FC2 (2.6.5) has PPP_FILTER enabled by

I said that the problem must have something to do with the new kernel (!!!)
compared to FC1 (2.4 kernel) where the filter worked just fine.

Well this is were my knowledge on programming stops.

If anyone could help more on that it would be really helpfull.


"Clifford Kite" <kite see signature id> wrote in message
news:14sa9c rk ln corncob localhost tld...
> Theophanis Kontogiannis <tkonto aegean gr> wrote:
> > Dear all,
> > Now that I have installed FC2 I noticed that the active-filter option is
> > compiled in the new distrib. Thank you all on that (and for the new
> > Fedora.... really nice)
> > BUT:
> > Now I have another problem. pppd daemon keeps on complaining that:
> > May 28 20:59:28 gw pppd[4643]: error in active-filter _expression_:
> > inbound/outbound not supported on linktype 0
> It shouldn't complain, my pppd doesn't.  The standard pppd version from
> 2.4.1 on correctly implements the filter options.  This is in my standard
> pppd connection script:
> active-filter '(outbound and not (icmp[0] = 0))'
> It works a treat.
> > I looked on tcpdump man page (and pppd) but no answers there!
> The tcpdump I have does object to inbound/outbound in the manner above,
> but there it's a bug that's never been fixed.  Maybe the FC crowd thought
> it was better to change the pppd filter code to agree with the tcpdump
> Bad Idea.
> > Now what?  :)
> Get the pppd source, 2.4.1, at ftp.samba.org in /pub/ppp, configure
> the Makefile to get the filter code, compile it, and use the resulting
> pppd binary instead of FC's.
> > The previous problem is fixed (tha fact that pppd needed recompilation
> > support active-filter and then wvdial did not work with pppd) and now
> > is a new one. I have the filling that this cameout of the new kernel!
> No comment (except this one ;), since you don't say what kernel version,
> it's probably not relevant anyway, and I never use pppd frontends like
> wvdial, kppp, ect.
> > I do not need to mention that it is a VERY needed option, to make clear
> > pppd when to drop the link as idle.
> Changing the Makefile and compiling your own is not that hard.
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>    between those separate administrations is that all problems are someone
>    else's fault.   --Van Jacobson, abstract of April 97 MSRI talk */

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