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Re: [Aurora-sparc-announce] [ANNOUNCE] Build-1.91 (Code Name Wombat)

On Sat, 29 May 2004, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:

Now, I have yumified the tree, so if you're feeling really brave, you
can always point yum at it, and try to upgrade that way. A version of
yum for Aurora 1.0 is here:

If you're a listed mirror site, please sync the build-1.91 directory,
and chime in. The primary directory is currently at:

this has been synced in Australia to:


(RPMS - SRPMS are being synced now)

There's no base boot images spot ? so it has to be an upgrade process rather
than a fresh install/netboot ?

just a note - the directory structure has changed from the 1.0 release.  is
this the new structure in fedora format ? will the 2.0 release be in the
new structure ? i ask because we symlink/script various things and when the
structure is not uniform across releases it causes some issues..



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