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samba configuration utility does not load up

I've been testing core 3 test 3 2.92 for a month now and never got
around to using the samba configuration app that is under the 
menu > system settings > server settings > samba.

this ystem is up2date as of 10/31/04. I used the above menu to load up
"services" app to make sure  smb  and windbind are running in level 3 ,
4, and 5  (not sure if level 4 should as I don't know much about that

I made sure my sons machine is running and made sure samba is running
on it, (suse 9.1) it can not see my machine and when I start konqueror
in my machine and type  smb:// his machines name it comes back with it
can not find it.

I also got a message when I clicked on local networks saying I needed
lisa, so I opened a terminal and started lisa, now I see a bunch of
local 127.x.x.x and see my box FED777  but do not see my son's.

I'm not sure If I've done something to break it(probably), since I've
spent my time learnig to properly compile the kernel so I could then
compile the raid card driver's and read and write to it(ntfs was a
disappointment can't write to it)

last I've done a lot of reading from the google pages and man samba and
have learned a lot even how to mount and dismount NTFS volumes in
Windows, something totally unknown to me until today ;) but have not
succeeded in fixing samba.  I need to share my printer for the wife and
son's machine.

all suggestions are deeply appreciated and my appologies for the long
and winding story ;)

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