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Re: BitTorrent for FC3 Release

Sean Bruno wrote:


I am going to be flying out of town when FC3 is released on Monday AM.

If I get up early enough(4:00AM PST), will I be able to start up a
BitTorrent Download/Share?  I wanted to leave my box up on the Torrent
for the first few weeks to help out, but I won't be able to get to my
machine for the next week or so...

No big deal if its not, just curious if I should set my alarm an hour or
two early in order to start up my Torrent Client.  It seems that it
about the only thing I can get do for the Linux community lately, i.e.
leave my machine up on various BitTorrents...


What about doing some bash scripting to start the download while you're away? Here's what I'm thinking about... You can make a simple script that checks the existence of the torrent files on a given server (1) , downloads them and open them using the default bittorrent client. (This is assuming that you dont use another client , like azureus , for example).
The only problem from (1) is from which server to grab the torrent files... You can write a parser to grab the .torrent files from the page at duke.edu or you can ask someone to grab those .torrent files and place them on a server with a predefined URL... This way , the script is much simpler...

If you want my help on this , just mail me....

Pedro Macedo

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