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Re: telnet server problem

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On Mon, 08 Nov 2004 11:09:29 -0600, RON FLORY <ron flory adtran com> wrote:

 I have seen the problem he reported occur even when SELinux is

did you file a bugreport when it was occuring?
I can't reproduce this on my test box, and ive not seen anything
obvious in bugzilla that looks related. this might have existed at
some point, and later fixed by a development tree update...but afaict
it was never reported in bugzilla, but my bugfoo might no longer be as
strong as it was and i missed it in my searches. Regardless the issue
is pretty moot now if its only observable when running a test release.
I encourage to retest this issue on a fresh fc3 install and report
into bugzilla if its still occuring.

It appeared 'broken' when I last tried it on plain FC3T3 (too lazy to investigate further), but it sure seems to work fine on a FC3T3rc5 machine just a few moments ago... ;)


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