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Re: Getting SPRING Multi-Card media reader working under Fedora

All you need to do is add max_scsi_luns=8 to the end of your kernel
line in /etc/grub.conf.  The number should be the number of slots you
have on the device



On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 23:37:43 -0500, Dwaine Garden
<dwainegarden rogers com> wrote:
> I have a six-in-one media reader.   The first slot works fine in
> Fedora.  I did read that some devices need probing of the scsi lun's.
> There was some information that needed to be provided to get the fedora
> team to make the necessary changes, so the device could work without
> enabling probing of LUN's in the kernel.
> I have the Spring-Rev1.1 Multi 6-in-one media reader.   I would like to
> get the device to work with different storage media.      Could someone
> let me know what information is required.  I then get the information
> and open up a bugzilla report on it.
> Dwaine.
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