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Re: Problem with setting up install server

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 22:55, Scott Dowdle wrote:
> Gang,
> Ok, I've done this bunches with previous release but am having a
> problem with FC3.  Setting up an install server to do installs over
> NFS.  Here's what I've done and the problem I'm running into:
> 1) Copied directory structure of DVD to NFS accessible directory.
> 2) Took all current update packages and replaced previous versions
> 3) ran the following command:
> /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist /mnt/backup/other/install/fc3
>  (it does its thing)
> 4) Booted from boot.iso image CD on target install machine.
> 5) Selected NFS and it went about its merry way.
> 6) After formatting partitions, and setting up RPM transaction, I get
> an exit abnormally error message and it shuts down.  I don't really
> see any indicator to what it didn't like.  On the ALT-F# screens
> there is no obvious error other than the normal looking stuff.
> Any ideas?
> Oh, BTW, in step #3 above genhdlist still insists on there being a
> directory named RedHat rather than Fedora.  I just create a symlink
> and it works fine as it has in previous Fedora releases.  Given the
> movement away from the "RedHat" name to the "Fedora" name, you might
> at this to your list of name replacments.

I noticed the same thing yesterday. Did as you did with the exception of 
step 3 where I ran

genhdlist --productpath Fedora  /path-to-NFS-dirs

Im going to try again today so I'll let you know what happens


Tony Molloy.

Dept. of Comp. Sci.
University of Limerick

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