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Re: Why don't you guys like synaptic?

On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 16:09 -0500, William Hooper wrote:

> You are the one trying to make a distiction between "test" and "release
> candidate".  They are the same thing.

About 2 weeks ago people on the test list were making a distinction.
Upgrades from test releases were out.  Upgrades from release candidates
were OK.  Their distinction, not mine. 

> > Let me ask you this: if an upgrade from a test release or a release
> > candidate aren't guaranteed, how can you guarantee that an upgrade from a
> > previous final release will work ?
> Those are what get tested.  Trying to see if one random group of testing
> packages will update to another group of testing packages doesn't have
> anything to do with upgrading from a known set of released packages to a
> known set of release packages.

How do you know what is on the previous release machine ?  The user
might or might not have done a bunch of upgrading since the install.

> [snip]
> >
> > "It" has ?  Or is there a bug in here somewhere that breaks things all
> > on its own that has nothing to do with the fact that an upgrade is involved
> > and the upgrade is just an excuse so that people don't give the issue some
> > attention.
> The issue in this thread is a direct result of you trying to upgrade.  End
> of story.

I'll bet you are wrong.  First of all, I don't have an issue in this
thread.  Someone else did.  I'll bet that 99% of all issues are there
whether it is an upgrade or it is a fresh install. 

> > Let me tell you a little story:
> [snip]
> > My sound issue had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that an
> > upgrade was involved.
> Look at the subject again.  No one here is talking about sound.

I used it as an example of how the upgrade card was played incorrectly.
I went through all that work of doing a fresh install and it had NOTHING
to do with the problem. 

> >> So the general rule of thumb is that it will probably work most of the
> >> time, but you will likely need to spend a little time patching things up.
> >>
> >
> > I don't understand what should need patching.  All the files in a new
> > install are installed via packages.  All the files in an upgrade are
> > installed from packages.  As long as an install has the latest packages,
> > they should be the same.  If not, how can we trust the update process ?
> Files that are changed outside of the normal RPM process (a big example
> are config files) aren't always over written.  Additionally, some testing
> packages might appear "newer" than release packages, so they aren't
> upgraded.  Your issue is most likely that you still have the wrong
> fedora-release RPM.  

We checked that about an hour ago:

$ rpm -q fedora-release

$ rpm -ql fedora-release

> Of course I'm guess here, because you are more
> interesting in ranting on about upgrading than giving us the info to help
> you.

See other threads. 

> -- 
> William Hooper
Kim Lux (Mr.)  Diesel Research Inc

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