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Re: Why don't you guys like synaptic?

Kim Lux wrote:

On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 16:45 -0500, Paul Iadonisi wrote:

1) FC2 final-> FC3Test3 = no sound
2) Clean FC3rc3 = no sound
3) FC3rc3 -> rc5 via yum when I finally got the repository = no sound.
4) FC3final = no sound.

1 - should have worked -- did you bugzilla?

I bugzilla'd.

2 - should have worked -- did you bugzilla (or update your bugzilla

Yep, upgraded the bugzilla report.

3 - no guarantees whatsoever ... the repo problem is no surprise and
you expect that to be fixed, you will be expecting for a long time

I fixed the repo myself. It wasn't expected.

4 - should have worked, but only if you upgraded from FC2 or it was a
clean install -- bugzilla?

Clean install. I did a bugzilla.

The issue here isn't that I had a bug or whether or not it got fixed. I
am very happy with both the number of bugs in FC3 and the speed at which
they are gotten to.

Kim, I've seen you post to this list for a while now, you've been helpfull to quite a few people, but honestly, the tone of a lot of your messages on a couple of recent threads seem very antagonistic, I think it may be a good idea to step back for a while and cool down? Please don't take this in a condecending manner, as it's not meant in that way.

The issue here IS that someone came on the list and told me the <sound>
problem was the result of running an upgrade instead of installing
fresh. (FC2 to FC3t3.) I was guaranteed that installing fresh would fix
the issue. Instead the issue has stayed with us through 4 releases.

Who were you told by? who were you garenteed by? This is a compleately open and unmoderated forumn. Unfortunately if you are given duf information, then there is little recourse, other then try to be more aware in the future, and take every thing said with a pinch of salt.
In situations like this, it sounds like you will have to find the person responsible for the package, and then mail them directly, some times they just don't notice the bugzilla, or some one is shouting at them for another problem, letting off steam on this list is more likely going to just ostrasize you from the community which is no help to any of us.

<See quotes below to substantiate this.>

The sound issue never had anything to do with being the result of an
upgrade. The advice to upgrade was crap. As far as I am concerned,
issues resulting from upgrades should be taken just as seriously as
issues from fresh installs.

I assume this isn't one of the quotes ;)
Yes, those bugs ARE taken seriously (I beleive). Upgrades are always asked to be tested, and they are probably one area that is not tested enough (I never upgrade....)
It is not possible to maintain upgrade paths from essentialy random rawhide packages, upgrade paths are unlikly to be EVER planned for rawhide, or from test release to test release. And to be honest, I don't see why they should.

I am not demanding a fix for anything. The ONLY point I wish to make is
that the advice "Please reinstall fresh" NOT be given when someone has a
problem. In 95% of the cases whether the install was done as a fresh or
upgrade makes no difference.

For those doubting my experience, here are a few quotes from threads on
the topic:

"Upgrading to FC3t2 was not the best move now. I would suggest (to save
you time) just reinstall (you don't want to upgrade from where youre)
next week when FC3 final is released, you shouldn't have that
problem anymore." Oct 27.

To me this guy is saying, that it will probably be too much effort to trouble shoot the problem, and as such a fresh install would be easier/quicker. If he was wrong, then so be it, politely tell him other wise, don't get angry, or frustrated.

sorry, but too tired to comment on the rest, I wanna go to bed :)

Nighty night all.


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