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Re: Need to force arch for server install...

Thanks, John.  Great reply.  I didn't know the change could be made
after the fact.  Lesson: never underestimate Linux !

What if I forced everything to i386 to start with ?  Would it then run
on every x86 machine ?

We use removable hard drives for a lot of things are it would be great
if they ran on *everything*.  Would an i386 kernel do that ?  Would I
have to change glibc as well ?

On Sun, 2004-11-14 at 17:01 -0800, John Reiser wrote:
> > How do I force the install on the AMD machine to be suitable for the PII
> > machine, ie --arch=i586 ?
> A PentiumII certainly qualifies as i686, so forcing i586 is not needed.
> ["$ grep flags /proc/cpuinfo" containing "cmov" and "cx8" means i686.]
> By default you may get an operating system kernel that is specialized
> for 'athlon'.  If so, then after the install finishes use rpm to
> --install the i686 kernel.  Boot i686, then rpm --erase the athlon
> kernel.  The kernel is the only .rpm that is specialized for athlon
> over i686.  [glibc is specialized for i686 over i386.]
> -- 
Kim Lux (Mr.)  Diesel Research Inc

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