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Re: HP Proliant ML330 Hard Disk Drivers.....

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 12:05:44PM -0800, William Hewitt wrote:
> I have an HP Proliant ML330 - fresh from the factory and low and behold,
> they have swapped out standard IDE Controllers with some funky on-board
> IDE RAID Controller (Ultra ATA IDE 100)  that apparently doesnt work
> with anything but RHE or RH9 or RH8...... And even then, the
> documentation is lacking......

You forgot to give the PCI identifiers or specify the name of this controller.

> My only other alternative (so far) is to put in $29 PCI Bus Ultra IDE
> Controllers and bypass the HP stuff... (Hey HP, do you guys follow this
> list? Things like this make me less and less inclined to use HP.....) My

You'd be better off returning the machine if this is the only option. Onboard
IDE devices are normally on a different bus to the external 33/32bit bus and
you'll trash performance if so.

Most such cards are just generic IDE controllers rebadged or branded and some
software glue added that you can replace with md

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