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Re: FC3 NFS install with ISO images does not work

George Hill wrote:

Can you do an NFS install using ISO images with FC3 as
you could with FC2? I just tried and it did not work.

With FC2, you could boot as linux askmethod, specify
NFS, point to an NFS-mountable directory that
contained the ISO images, and install. I tried that
with FC3 and I get a message saying that it does not
look like the directory contains Fedora. When I did a
mount -o loop ... the NFS install went fine (until it
ran out of stuff to install -- I could only mount one
iso image). Anyone else run into this? Thoughts?

Geo Hill

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So far I've installed FC3 on 3 machines using NFS. On a different note I couldn't get any of them to install from CD using the same images.

Carl Parrish(cparrish carlparrish com)
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