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Re: more information on my trouble reading CDROM's with hdc=ide-cd. Anybody else?

On Wed, Nov 17, 2004 at 04:12:38PM -0600, Paul Johnson wrote:
> option or with hdc=ide-cd, I CAN mount cdrom's printed at the factory 
> (Microsoft, for example), but cannot mount CDRs that I write.  I found 
> at least one bug reporter who contended that the way Fedora core 2 
> writes the "last part" of a CDR is not managed well by the ide-cd 
> module.  On the other hand, ide-scsi can mount either kind of disk.

Wonderful, I think you've made the little lightbulb come on.  It had been
baffling me why this affects iso mounting and I suddenely have an idea.

Can you try ide-cd and do

	mount -t iso9660 ....

with a CD-R and see if that works

> Here's what I don't understand: If there is some bug in CD reading, why 
> doesn't it affect all Linux systems.  Why just a few of us?

Some drives told to read over the end of the true media appear to report
no error and compensate in firmare, somne appear to throw errors at the
kernel in protest. Both behaviours are legal for the drive.

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