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Re: That last set of updates has upset my box!

Paul wrote:
I'm now running on a machine without selinux and an older xorg-x11.

Anyone else seeing this?


My machine completely borked after updating this last Sunday evening (the 21st).

It was running fine with a clean FC3 install and all was well. It started with the eggcups/volume-control issue and went down hill from there.

Evolution quit working. I couldn't use cdrecord either and actually made my machine panic. Gnome finally borked and I was dead in the water - I couldn't even boot the kernel.

But as to what the heck happened, I can't figure it out. I booted with Knoppix and scanned all the logs and such. It appears to have started when I started running "sudo /etc/cron.daily/prelink" to fix the eggcups issue. From the point on the system was puking. Odd.

I'm reinstalling fresh FC3 and am following Bugzilla.



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