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More FC3 (and rawhide) issues.

Forgot some ...

a. I have had performance problems and found some applications using an
ENORMOUS amount of memory.  Evolution was taking nearly 400mb at one
point, and epiphany wasn't much better.  I know hot to use top and
gnome-system-monitor and restart things, but some people would just wonder
why their system gets so unbelievably slow...  Restarting them helps fix
the problem, at least for a while.  I may have a lot of mail, but jeez...
I can't be the only one who's noticed this.

b. In evolution, in the calendar, the scrolling seems not to work right.
It won't scroll until I go 4 or 5 blocks (in the month view) and then it
will suddenly jump.  Should this be files with Novell or Redhat?  This
seems to happen not on my rawhide machine.  (Also sometimes entries don't
update properly until restarting evo.)

     Noah SILVA

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