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Re: new versions of glib2, gtk2 available

Jim Cornette wrote:
Matthias Clasen wrote:

I have updated glib2 and gtk2 to the latest upstream version,
the packages are glib2-2.4.7-1.1 and gtk2-2.4.13-1.1.
This should fix a large number of problems with the file chooser, but also e.g


Please report problems with these packages to me.


Since the time this info was made and up until present, I keep getting this dep error and cannot install either gtk2 or the development package on this computer. It installed without any problems on another computer.
This computer has passed through severn to present FC3T3 rawhide. Has any program become obsoleted to cause this error?



There was a package dependency problem. The message was:

Unresolvable chain of dependencies:
gnome-utils 2.8.0-4 requires /usr/bin/update-gtk-immodules

Please modify your package selections and try again.

Never mind! I was bit by having test repos for FC2 along with the development repo. Both had recent upgrades and development had the lower package number, compared to test.

for development. Installed after unchecking FC2-Test


For FC2-test, gtk2-2.4.13-1.1 are versioned.

Adding to the confusion is development and test on the same list.


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