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Re: FC3T3: fstab-sync, ieee1394, and mount points

On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 19:39 -0400, Graydon wrote:
> Using FC3T3:
> Ok, so the little Shuttle box has a firewire drive enclosure plugged
> into it all the time that I want to have connect _as a normal drive_ at
> boot time.  (Because if I mount the /media/ieee1394 drive with the entry
> hal leaves in /etc/fstab, selinux proceeds to make rsync barf; since the
> external drive is the backup drive, I very much don't want that.)

I don't know why selinux would make rsync go barf; that sounds like a
bug. Btw, if you label the filesystem e.g. 'backup' then fstab-sync will
attempt to use the label as a mountpoint, e.g.
'/media/backup' (or /media/backup1 if /media/backup already exists).

> If I hand edit /etc/fstab so that the relevant entry is:
> /dev/sda1               /backup 		ext3    defaults	1 2
> Everything works fine.
> How do I convince fstab-sync to provide an entry like that?  Is there
> something else I need to convince?

If you just leave that entry you should be good, fstab-sync wont touch
it as it doesn't have the 'kudzu' or 'managed' option. You might want to
create a udev rule to name the device e.g. /dev/my1394disk or something
(and use that in place of /dev/sda1) if you don't want to rely on you
the disk always being named /dev/sda1.

Another option is to write a file to put in /usr/share/hal/95userpolicy
- take a look at this file for examples


and look at the properties exported by hal-device-manager (from pkg hal-
gnome) along with this document


> Along with this, there's the partition used for hard drive
> installs, which I can't label at install time.  fstab-sync is
> picking it up as well, as a noauto removable drive.  I don't think
> that's entirely sensible default behaviour for a partition on the
> primary hard drive.
> /dev/hda5        /media/idedisk     ext3    pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0
> If there's some documentation with examples, I'd appreciate a pointer;
> the man page is not informative, at least not if one doesn't already
> understand hal and UDIs.

There's the hal spec mentioned above and sample configuration files. If
you have some useful information (such as a configuration matching a
drive and picking out the options you need) that should be included
don't hesitate to file a bug against hal.


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