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Re: EMT64 SMP Test

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Sean Bruno wrote:

> We just got a hold of a Dell Poweredge 2850 with dual EMT64's in it.  I
> thought I would load of FC3 and give it a shot...Are there any issues
> that the list knows about that I should watch out for?

We have several here. I've not dinked with them in a couple of weeks, but
the PERC card in them is a new revision, so you'll have to go with very
recent (FC3 T3 or later) builds. I also ran into some issues where the
megaraid drivers weren't getting loaded by anaconda / getting put into the
initrd, so you had to do a bit of handholding of the install and first boot
to get it to go. I think Jeremy got all those issues straightened out now

FC2 and older and Debian you can only install on them by building your own
install kernel (because of the updated megaraid driver requirement). RHEL,
SUSE 9.x, and SLES all have update disks available which support them.

I also noticed some oddities with the Fedora x86_64 kernel at the time on
them (memory leaks) that went away when I switched to using kernel.org
kernels. I've not had time to look into that further or to see if current
Fedora x86_64 kernels behave better on them....

At any rate, no insurmountable issues, but perhaps not 100% "start the 
kickstart and walk away" (it may have reached that point by now, but it 
wasn't there 3 or so weeks ago). 


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