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FC3-rc2 problems

Installed FC3-rc2 on two machines:
	Box1: Dell Inspiron 7000 (PII/233MHz): Upgrade (from FC2) and Fresh install
	Box2: Dell Inspiron 5169 (P4/2.8GHzHT): Fresh install

Fresh install  sets SELinux to 'Disabled'.

1. Mediackeck consistently marks all FC3 iso CDs as FAIL, even though they
 are fine and install correctly.
Note1: I burned these CDs three times, on different releases/kernels
(FC1/2.4.27 and FC2/2.6.9), after reading about some issues with ide-cd on
2.6 kernels I also tried the -pad option with cdrecord. No difference, all
CDs recieve a FAIL with mediacheck. However, I checked an old FC1 install iso
CD and it got a PASS.

2. Configuration/Detection problems
2.1. Monitor: On both machines, the monitor fails to be detected by default
(it is respectively a Dell 1024x768 LCD and a Dell 1400x1050 LCD). The user
has to  manually configure it during firsboot.
2.2 Desktop: my choice is to install KDE and not install GNOME. One would
expect that the login manager would be kdm, and the default desktop KDE.
Instead, I get gdm as login manager and I log into ... TWM ????????????
 If GNOME is not installed and KDE is, the  /etc/sysconfig/desktop should be
changed from

3. Hardware-specific:
3.1 After install, the Inspiron 7000 hangs during 'Starting udev', I have to
Ctrl+C to stop udev launch and continue booting. I will look into that.
3.2 On the Inspiron 7000, the upgrade from FC2 resulted in a boot sequence
that would hang just after the message "Enabling local filesystem quotas".
Fresh install does not exhibit this problem. I don't know if the machine
froze or did something useful (relabeling for SELinux maybe?), but it just
looked frozen, and I did have limited patience (1h30 during which I rebooted
4 times, investigated a bit,echoing some strings from rc.sysinit) before I
decided to redo a fresh install.

Thank you very much for making Fedora better and better ar combining ease of 
install and use, stability and cutting edge features.
Philippe Rigault

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