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Re: XMMS (was: Re: rawhide report: 20050405 changes)

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 10:48, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> You have a choice to make, you can either pitch in and start helping
> with the Extra process now, or you can walk away.  Pointing out that
> its not yet as good as it could be or it should be isn't as helpful as
> actually getting invovled in reviewing packages or filing bug reports
> or talking to maintainers directly to get package build requests into
> the build que.

Comparing today's Fedora politburo with my colleagues over the last
three decades is a great disappointment.  We had such high hopes but you
kids just goof around.

You do not understand that beta testers are a valuable resource.  You
must not waste beta testers.  Don't make them spend hours filing rote
bug reports against packages which have not even been built to FC4.

Get on the command line, make Core and Extras "equivalent" and rebuild
them so all the packages match.  That's an hour or two typing and
probably a few days for the rebuild depending upon the power of your

Then you can start inviting people to beta FC4, because the jumble you
have now is not just pre-beta but pre-alpha.

--Mike Bird

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