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Re: FC4t2 no good without LILO

> Which of the 82 Grub bugs prevents it from being used for serious work?

1) That basic Bugzilla queries yield 82 Grub bugs versus 15 Lilo bugs is
illustrative of their relative levels of reliability.

2) The general flakiness of Grub makes it unusable for serious work. 
One simply cannot afford plane tickets (or even trouble tickets) every
time Grub fails.  Lilo is much more reliable than Grub.  Grub may be
appropriate for a newbie on a home PC, but Grub does not replace Lilo.

3) One of the most serious ongoing problems with Grub has been the
flakiness of the software RAID support.  This was first added in 0.90
(July 2001) but has ever since been a constant source of Bugzilla
reports - reports which are not included in the list of 82 because they
were closed when the March 16th patch was written.  Now maybe that patch
will solve all known problems, but I'm certainly not going to bet the
farm on it without months of testing.  Why is Fedora betting its farm? 
Lilo's RPM takes only 547k on the CD.

4) And this brings us again to the incredible lack of judgment
manifested by the Fedora Core team.  First do no harm - if you don't
understand the issues relating to Lilo and Grub don't mess with them.

--Mike Bird

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