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Re: FC4t2 no good without LILO

On Tue, 2005-12-04 at 14:37 -0400, Robin Green wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Mike Bird wrote:
> > If you like Grub on your desktop go ahead and use it.  I'm not the one
> > trying to stop you from using the tools that work best for you.  The
> > Fedora politburo is trying to dictate which boot loader, word processor,
> > and spread sheet the rest of us should use.
> Dictate? How exactly is removing a package from Fedora Core "dictating" 
> to anyone what they must use?

Not including software that used to be standard, when many people still
need it, because GRUB doesn't work for them.

> Fedora Core 4 is going to be how many CDs? There needs to be a sanity 
> limit on how much software is packaged as part of Fedora Core, tracked and 
> maintained by Red Hat. That's just a reality.

Then drop Emacs and LateX they blow a metric tonne of space.

> I don't think it's that hard to continue to use lilo. If you are 
> upgrading, simply choose "do not install a boot loader". If you are 
> installing from scratch, choose whatever, and then boot (from a rescue 
> disk if necessary) and install lilo yourself. Wouldn't that work for you?

Have you tried?
Didn't think so.

Problem with your logic - In some cases you can install but can't even 
boot the first time. Using a Recovery CD it *may* be possible, but 
hardly "simple".

> > Please stop deliberately breaking things on religious grounds.
> It's not about religion, it's about workload. Anyone who wants to see an
> alternate bootloader in Fedora Extras has the option (yes, yes,
> if they have the time) to put themselves forward as a possible maintainer.

Then drop GRUB.

> -- 
> Robin

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