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RE: FC4t2 no good without LILO

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 09:09 -0600, Guy Fraser wrote:
> If the drive is on the controller and configured, and it 
> works properly as a drive, there should be no reason you 
> should not be allowed to boot from the drive if BIOS will 
> allow you to boot from that drive.
> How do you know for sure what RAID is on his motherboard?
> Compaq used to ship Proliants with there SmartArray 2 controller 
> on board which is a Dual Port LVD SCSI Array Controller, far 
> from winraid.

Because AFAIK there is no winraid onboard SCSI chips.  Now with SATA I
can almost guarentee 99.9% of the onboard 'RAID' is winraid.

Also his statement of "cheap efficiency I use the simple RAID that the
motherboard has onboard, which is precisely the thing that grub has the
most trouble with"

Sounds like onboard winraid to me...

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