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RE: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang

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> Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 11:19 AM
> Subject: Re: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang
> That is surely a custom built 2.6.5 kernel you are running on 
> that fc1 box and not an actual FC1 kernel.  I think this is 
> the first time in this thread where you have indicated that 
> you are running a custom kernel on the fc1 box. Or is that 
> 2..6.5 kernel on the FC1 box actually a 2.6.5 kernel shipped 
> with fc2, or god forbid one of the nightly fedora-development 
> kernel builds leading up to fc2 release?

My bad, that box is an old FC 2 one with a stock kernel: 2.6.5-358smp.

And what has fooled me is we use that remotely and haven't had any
problems using it that way.  I just tried to logon through our kvm and
see that the local graphics display is frozen.

The boxes that have problems aren't on a network and thus an apparent
"hang" isn't truly a kernel lock I guess.  I reported an earlier
instance of being able to acces another box on the network thinking it
could offer some info but no one seemed to be interested at the time
(another list).

So, I have a host with local graphics hung up but I'm able to login
remotely.  Is there any info I can look for that will help find the

-Tom Browder

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