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Re: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang

ons, 05.01.2005 kl. 23.43 skrev Jim Cornette:
> Browder, Tom wrote:
> >>-----Original Message-----
> >>From: fedora-test-list-bounces redhat com 
> >>[mailto:fedora-test-list-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of Jeff Spaleta
> >>Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 11:19 AM
> >>Subject: Re: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang
> >>That is surely a custom built 2.6.5 kernel you are running on 
> >>that fc1 box and not an actual FC1 kernel.  I think this is 
> >>the first time in this thread where you have indicated that 
> >>you are running a custom kernel on the fc1 box. Or is that 
> >>2..6.5 kernel on the FC1 box actually a 2.6.5 kernel shipped 
> >>with fc2, or god forbid one of the nightly fedora-development 
> >>kernel builds leading up to fc2 release?
> > 
> > 
> > My bad, that box is an old FC 2 one with a stock kernel: 2.6.5-358smp.
> > 
> > And what has fooled me is we use that remotely and haven't had any
> > problems using it that way.  I just tried to logon through our kvm and
> > see that the local graphics display is frozen.
> > 
> > The boxes that have problems aren't on a network and thus an apparent
> > "hang" isn't truly a kernel lock I guess.  I reported an earlier
> > instance of being able to acces another box on the network thinking it
> > could offer some info but no one seemed to be interested at the time
> > (another list).
> > 
> > So, I have a host with local graphics hung up but I'm able to login
> > remotely.  Is there any info I can look for that will help find the
> > problem?
> > 
> > -Tom Browder
> > 
> The symptoms sound like earlier problems that I had with a Dell Optiplex 
> computer with an Intel 865G Graphics controller. X crahes and leaves the 
>   residual image on the screen. This was fixed with the CVS versions of 
> xorg-x11.
> Check the processes running (or not running) through ssh login on the box.
> X dogging your display until a eboot sound like what I get from your 
> description.
> A wild guess,
> Jim

Hmm.. I got something like this on a single cpu pentium 3 with a nvidia
PCI gforce 2 MX (nvidia driver) and fc2 - but *not* often...

Kernel 2.6.9_1.6_FC2

It just *frose* yesterday (X) - and a quick ssh showed that ssh was
running at about 100% CPU... Keyboard led's etc. appeared to work, as
did ssh. Killing X didn't work - however it did die from a kill -9. But
the picture did stay on-screen untill reboot, when the BIOS came up just

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