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Re: New testing kernel. 2.6.10-1.727_FC3

Andy Green wrote:

On Thursday 06 January 2005 14:18, Fulko Hew sita aero wrote:

get mine because ever since kernel 2.6.9 (on both FC2 and FC3),
I can no longer burn CDs... 2.6.8 and earlier works fine.

So because I can't burn CDs (correctly) they are bad when I try to
read them, and hence the/my errors.

Just in case it is the same problem -- I am noting strange pauses in the current devel kernel 2.6.10-1.1056_FC4 periodically, interrupting video playback and audio for a second or two at intervals, even when the machine is fairly quietscant.

That might well be long enough to wreck up any burning if it is the same deal.

I don't think its the same cause for me, because I would have expected cdrecord
to have told me that there was a buffer under-run or that burn-free had to kick
in, and I don't see that.

Also I don't think I see 'interrupted video' or audio either.
But then again, I'm only running 2.6.9-1.11_FC2

... snip ...

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