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Re: dvd burner - really slow response

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 07:39:02PM -0800, steve_dum mentorg com wrote:
> If I put a dvd in my drive, fire up k3b and ask for disk info k3b goes away
> for 7 minutes -- SEVEN MINUTES -- and then comes back and and shows the disk 
> info.   Same disk on a RH 8 system comes back in a few seconds.

Does it do the same as root. Does it do the same if you stop haldaemon first.
(I'd be suprised if either make a difference but just to be sure). If it
doesn't then strace might give clues as to what is being slow

> The above is a specific behavior, but in general reading or writing dvd's
> takes forever.  Drive worked fine under FC1.  
> Reading/writing cd-r media doesn't show these excessive delays but also
> is slower than under FC1.  While waiting, the drive activity light tends to
> be either off, or occasionally blinking, but not constantly busy.

Interesting. The reading side I could believe was hal or similar but I don't
understand why it would mostly hit DVD. We really don't do much different 
for the two cases.

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