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Re: Detection of printers in FC4

On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 09:28:18AM -0500, gslink wrote:

> FC3 (I need a more stable system than Rawhide) has about the correct 
> printing detection.  What happens if you have several hundred printers 
> on a network.  You do not want detection as these are likely to be light 
> duty, private printers. 

Why would private printers be being broadcast in the first place?

> Currently, CUPS publishes those printers that are marked shared
> queue and these are picked up by all machines on the network.  This
> is fine but searching for and publishing printers that just have a
> lan address is wrong.  On a large lan this could take hours and
> result in a long printer listing.

I'm not quite sure what behaviour you are seeing that you think is
incorrect.  Could you be a bit more specific please?


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