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Re: Detection of printers in FC4

Tim Waugh wrote:
On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 09:28:18AM -0500, gslink wrote:

FC3 (I need a more stable system than Rawhide) has about the correct printing detection. What happens if you have several hundred printers on a network. You do not want detection as these are likely to be light duty, private printers.

Why would private printers be being broadcast in the first place?

Currently, CUPS publishes those printers that are marked shared
queue and these are picked up by all machines on the network.  This
is fine but searching for and publishing printers that just have a
lan address is wrong.  On a large lan this could take hours and
result in a long printer listing.

I'm not quite sure what behaviour you are seeing that you think is
incorrect.  Could you be a bit more specific please?

I see nothing that I think needs to be changed. In replying to a request to change how printers are picked up I merely point out that CUPS allows connection in many ways. Only those printers where specific action has been taken should be picked up without intervention. I know of an installation that has several hundred printers that are directly lan connected. These printers use JetDirect. Others use Novell, or Unix. In most cases you do not want these printers to be public but they are. You don't want Linux to search for them. CUPS finds public printers now but only those that are declared public by CUPS. I believe the whole business should be left the way it is. Before someone asks for it, you can share printers over a lan without implementing any other kind of lan connection.

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