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Re: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang

Tom Browder wrote:
I'm still having same problem with 727 kernel (all else is fine).

Jim Cornette suggested I try latest xorg source from their CVS.

Would adding latest xorg rpms from rawhide to my FC 3 setup be feasible
without doing the whole FC 4 test?

Or is FC 4 stable enough so that I should try that?


Tom Browder

The version of xorg-x11 from FC3 updates or testing should work to correct the problem with X bailing out and leaving the display filled with whatever was present until a reboot.
If X is still running, this is not the same problem that I have experenced before.
FC2 had the version of xorg-x11 that mysteriously exited, mainly with certain screensavers.

Anyway, if you can ssh into the box and have to kill X processes, it is not the same bug.

I guess I should not refer to the xorg-x11 versions as a CVS version. It was a CVS version during the testing phase for FC3 (test2 or 3). It is a version included in FC3 now.


About FC4, I upgraded to the latest rawhide kernel and it oops'd and also I had to manually bring my ethernet connection up with the previous kernel and updatd package versions. Rawhide is pretty non-conflicting with deps right now. Some programs are not working great though.

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