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Re: Confirm? New local root exploits

Dan Hollis wrote:
On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Philip Molter wrote:

Note that if you upgrade, they also made a major change to way the kernel handles large memory sizes (the so-called 4g/4g patch was dropped). It probably doesn't affect a university shell server, but it sure screwed me over.


Specifically, I have a machine with 4GB of memory that requires a lot of memory listed as Buffers: (upwards of 2.5GB). This machine is very heavy on I/O and highly tuned for its design. Not having the 4G/4G patch, Buffers: is limited to about 600MB, and the system goes to I/O hell.

I did recompile the kernel with a 2G/2G split rather than a 1G/3G and that helps (3G/1G is out of the question for me), but the previous 4G/4G setup was much better for my load, even if it did use about 5-10% more CPU (the box was, again, tuned for that extra CPU usage).

It still kind of irks me that such a major kernel change was made in a x.y.z_a.b security release, but one can't complain too much about software they don't pay for. Most people aren't affected by the change, I suppose. It would've been nice if the patch was left in, so people could recompile and enable it.


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