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Re: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang

Tom Browder wrote:
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Subject: Re: FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang
The version of xorg-x11 from FC3 updates or testing should work to correct the problem with X bailing out and leaving

That's what I'm using (xorg-*-*-6.8.1-12--still have that problem, though.

Would Xorg stuff in rawhide work on FC 3 without any other FC 4 stuff?

I'm also trying the latest xscreensaver package (from raw src: 4.19).

I'm desperate here--I have 5 computers that are rapidly becoming worthless
unless something gives!


Tom Browder

To get the rawhide versions and any deps that might be associated with xorg-x11, you might add the development repository to up2date, yum or any other program used to retrieve updates. After getting the xorg-x11 and associated programs ,you can comment out the development repo.

I'm running xorg-x11- that I believe was pulled from rawhide using up2date via the gui. I am not having problems with this version.

Like anything, it depends on your hardware. Finding out what lspci says that you have as hardware might be helpful and might get people with similar hardware an idea for a solution.

You might ask this question with hardware information and what is working and not working on fedora-list. There is a bigger pool of people on the user list and probably a higher chance that someone might know how to go through resolving your issues with this problem that you have using FC3.


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