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Re: New testing kernel. 2.6.10-1.727_FC3

On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 17:38 -0500, Alan Cox wrote:
> > we indeed get the slowdown. Hence, the kernel does something when the
> > last
> > closer closes the device - dunno what to do here from userspace short of
> > just not poll.
> We unlock the door, that makes the drive power management kick in. If
> we leave the door locked you can't take a CD out 8)

I forgot to mention that the device is of course opened O_NONBLOCK,
if I understand correctly, is interpreted as a non-data open for CD
For polling, one needs to do that otherwise the user can never put a CD 
into the drive :-)

Now, would it be totally insane to skip the lock/unlock door parts for
fd's opened with O_NONBLOCK? That would solve the issue; just an idea,
not sure about the ramifications..

> >  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=144036
> > 
> > which I completely fail to understand. Long term it looks like hald
> > should be
> > using MMC commands to detect media if available - any idea of where I
> > can find
> > documentation/code for this?
> The standard. You'll want a magic circle, some runes, a wand, a pointy
> hat and a heart of steel. I don't know of anything else that covers it.

OK, I did something like that 


Asynchronous notification doesn't work on any on my drives, see [1]. 

The spec does say "In asynchronous mode, the Initiator should issue a 
single GET EVENT/STATUS NOTIFICATION command with an IMMED (immediate) 
bit of 0 requested. If the Logical Unit does not support Asynchronous 
Mode, the command shall fail as an illegal request. If the Initiator 
requests Asynchronous Mode using a request that is not queued or 
overlapped, the command shall fail as an illegal request."

I'm not sure if I need to do something special to make SG_IO use
queued or overlapped requests; maybe that's why it's failing, maybe
it's just because I got crappy drives. Don't know.

[1] :

[davidz daxter mmc]$ ./test-mmc /dev/cdrom poll
Using device /dev/cdrom and polling
Sending command...
Got reply; size 6 bytes
data: 0x00 0x06 0x04 0x5e 0x00 0x00
Media Present:       0
Door or Tray Open :  0
[davidz daxter mmc]$ ./test-mmc /dev/cdrom notif
Using device /dev/cdrom and notification
Sending command...
Sending command failed: Invalid argument
[davidz daxter mmc]$

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