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Re: FC 4 Xorg Rpms on FC 3?

Tom Browder wrote:

To possibly solve my X problems, Jim Cornette suggested I try latest xorg
source from their CVS.

Would adding latest xorg rpms from rawhide to my FC 3 setup be feasible
without installing the whole FC 4 test?

should be ok this is on a clean up_2_date fc3

# yum --enablerepo=development update xorg*
Dependencies Resolved
Transaction Listing:
 Update: xorg-x11.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-Xdmx.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-Xnest.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-Xvfb.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-deprecated-libs.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-deprecated-libs-devel.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-devel.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-doc.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-font-utils.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-libs.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-sdk.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-tools.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-twm.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-xauth.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-xdm.i386 0:
 Update: xorg-x11-xfs.i386 0:
Is this ok [y/N]:n
Exiting on user Command

Or is FC 4 stable enough so that I should try that?

http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/schedule/ FC4 ? FC4-test ?

FC4-test1 will coming soon.


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