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Re: Random lock ups on 1074 kernel

Paul wrote:

Is anyone else experiencing random lock ups on the 1074 kernel? I can't
see anything in dmesg to account for this. The machine locked while
typing an email last time.

I've gone back down to 1063 (1069 caused a kernel panic) and currently I
have the following services not working...

httpd (libpcre can't be found), NFS, ntp and a few other things - looks
like libraries can't be found on load up for these.

Very odd. Logging doesn't seem to have happened on reboot either...



Both the 1069 and 1074 oops when booting in runlevel 3. The strange thing about the oops problem is that I performed 'touch /.autorelabel'
because of some lockups related to selinux preventing GNOME from getting past a mouse cursor and blue background with a kernel before 1069.
I also ran 'shutdown -Fr now' after applying the latest upgrades from rawhide.
The strange thing is that with 1074, it fsck'd the filesystem, performed a relabel, then booted up to where the kernel oops'd.
Then when rebooting again with the rawhide kernel before 1069, it went through the fsck and relabeling process again. On the filecheck, it referred to a problem related to the 3rd file descriptor.

I took a picture of the oops that occurred, but did not pull it off the camera. From memory, the oops looked similar to oops posted by others on this thread.


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