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Re: Detection of printers in FC4

On Sun, 09 Jan 2005 18:29:57 +0100, Kyrre Ness Sjobak
<kyrre solution-forge net> wrote:
> What if there was some kind of "chanel" system - i.e. you could join the
> "physics department" chanel, and only printers shared to this channel,
> would be seen.

This idea doesn't solve any of the problems I express if the
broadcasting cups server gets to select for itself which channel it is
in. Active channels can still be dynamic membership and too long to be
usably browsable in the print dialog ui.  Active channels still
require that every broadcasting cups server on the network be
correctly configured to mean anything.  On large de-centralized
networks... clients can not depend on any broadcasting service to be
correctly configured. And its absolutely worse on networks that merely
tolerate linux installs but do not have centralized support for linux
at all. Administrators for linux machines acting a clients for a
service such as cups needs to have an easy way to say 'ignore that
specific cups server at ip address W.X.Y.Z its clearly misconfigured
and being run by as gentoo zealot who doesn't know how to tie their
own shoes and since there is no way I can talk sense into them to
reconfigure their cups I need to take local action and disable their
cups ques from showing up on my systems to avoid my users acidently
trying to use that moron's private printer'

I should be able to 'register' selected printers individually and hide
the rest. Active channels just complicate the problem by adding yet
another piece of information that can be misconfigured on the
broadcasting cups server my client computer has the misfortune to
notice.  The simpliest control on the client side.. is to be able to
register individual ques or individual cups servers... and hide the
rest from view until a new printer needs to be found.

-jef"hostile de-centralized networks do exist....for services that
broadcast.. local clients need to have tools that can be taught how to
ignore rogue broadcasting servers"spaleta

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