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Re: Excessive spam due to the word C/D

Mike Klinke wrote:
On Friday 07 January 2005 08:39, gslink wrote:

If possible, would the people who have spam filters set the
filter to kill posts that contain the word (C/D)xxx or (DVD)xxx
instead of rejecting them.  If you reject them then they come
back on the poster as spam.  Currently if you post here and
mention these words you get back several rejected copies of your
post.  Please remove the xs to read.

Many of the list administrators will periodically run a message to look for auto-responders of this type and a quick note to him/her with a sample that you're receiving will often result in the offenders being forcefully unsubscribed or temporarily blocked from the list which will take care of the problem for everyone at one time.

Regards, Mike Klinke

I would have done that except for the fact that this is the result of somebody in a school system who is running the computers and has no idea of what is going on. I see a lot of this. The person who subscribed to the forum has enough trouble and doesn't need any more. Remember, a public school is the only place in the whole universe where you can be an elementary gym teacher and be responsible for 2000 computers. I sent the school an e-mail about the problem. They will probably shoot the person who is subscribed to the forum. In far too many schools learning about computers is an offence.

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