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Re: In case you didn't know or forgot

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 07:37:04 -0500, gslink <gslink one net> wrote:

Do not install the glibc fixes found in the FC3 updates if you are using
the Nvidia accelerated drivers until Nvidia provides an update.  The
current drivers will not work with this level.

are you on crack?  are you talking about the glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3?  I
have the nvidia drivers installed using rpms at livna working on two
updated fc3 machines with no obvious problems.  The only problem i am
aware of with using nvidia's installer is the well known problem of
udev configuration, and the livna rpms take care of that for me, and
has nothing to do with glibc.


Yes, I am talking about the glibc updates that came out about the end of the year. They do not work with the 6629 Nvidia distribution. You will notice when you load them into a system that is CURRENTLY running the latest Nvidia accelerated driver that you get a notice that rpm can't find several files. You will NOT usually see any difference in the way your machine runs unless you ACTUALLY USE the problem features in the drivers. The games under Wine that use accelerated features will fail. So will those under Linux that use the affected features. You obviously don't use any affected feature so you will not have a problem. I did not try loading the glibc updates first and then the Nvidia drivers. If that gives FULL service please so post but try ALL the accelerated features before declaring that they work. Unless you have a special program almost all software SUPPLIED with Linux does NOT use the accelerated portion of drivers. If you don't play fast, complex games then accelerated drivers really don't speed things up very much.

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