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Re: In case you didn't know or forgot

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 09:49:25 -0500, gslink <gslink one net> wrote:
> Yes, I am talking about the glibc updates that came out about the end of
> the year.  They do not work with the 6629 Nvidia distribution.  You will
> notice when you load them into a system that is CURRENTLY running the
> latest Nvidia accelerated driver that you get a notice that rpm can't
> find several files.  

I've been running nvidia drivers since fc3 came out using srpms from livna.
you need to be much more specific....  which several files does rpm
can not find?
I'm not sure how to interpret this, i have some suspicions as to what
you are actually seeing, but until i see an actual error message I'm
not going to comment beyond saying I'm not seeing anything like what
you describe with rpm not finding several files.

> You will NOT usually see any difference in the way
> your machine runs unless you ACTUALLY USE the problem features in the
> drivers.  
And which natively compiled opengl applications use these problem features?
tuxracer, bzflag, gltron,scorched3d,neverball,trigger,trackballs are
all opengl games that work for me and running ldd on them shows they
are using the libGL from my nvidia driver install.  I also have
reports from others of native q3 and doom3 working just fine with the
latest glibc updates and latest nvidia drivers.

> The games under Wine that use accelerated features will fail.

Just games under wine?  or accelerated native games as well?
Wine is always a special case and has been very fragile with regard to
changes made to glibc. It would help if you were more specific about
the problems you see.  Are you sure its not wine that needs to be
fixed? Are you sure its nvidia that needs a fix?  What feature inside
the nvidia drivers and libraries exactly do games under wine use that
native compiled games do not?  If you have only tested this with apps
under wine.. i think you are looking int the wrong place for the

>   So will those under Linux that use the affected features.

Which games are those?  I'd love to be proven wrong with some examples
that I can verify on my systems. If you can point me to a game that I
can compile for myself that uses these features, I would appreciate
the effort. At the moment I haven't seen a problem with any of the
games I listed above.

>If you don't play fast, complex games
> then accelerated drivers really don't speed things up very much.

-jef"if doom3 doesn't count...I can't imagine what does"spaleta

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