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Re: Kernel Crash with FC3 [glibc?]

Pekka Pietikainen wrote:
Possibly related is what I saw a while back, there was a local user and a NIS+ user with different uid etc. nsswitch.conf had passwd: files nisplus yet it used the nis+ user until nscd was stopped. clearing up the nscd caches ( rm -f /var/db/nscd/* ) made it
work again even with nscd running.

If the local user was only created shortly before that, this is the expected behavior. The whole point is to cache results. Only when they time out (as controlled in nscd.conf) will the entries be reloaded. And then they are searched in the usual way, not by preferring the service which previously provided the result.

Didn't get around to filing a bug, especially since the nis+ is "somewhat"
custom, but nscd invalidating its caches on startup (either rm or nscd -i)
might be a good idea nevertheless?

Then deselect "persistent" in nscd.conf for the database. This is one of the big new features of nscd in recent times (you haven't read the release notes, I gather). If you cannot use it because your local user organization is so flaky disable it. It is definitely of benefit to the fast majority of users.

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