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Trying to determine where dual-display for X begins in FC/RH.

I submitted a bug report for problems trying to resolve a dual display problem with the latest xorg-x11 program. I recall reading some list mail and some bug reports earlier that referred to older X versions working and later versions failing. I want to see if this is regression or if an Intel 815 (primary) and an ati (secondary) video card could work with Fedora/Red Hat.
I installed Severn to see if I could configure dual-display and found only the start of the configuration tool interface. (blank tab).
Anyway, before trailing through all the betas, FC releases and such, I would like to know where a functional configuration tool begins.

The bug and hardware that I am trying to use is posted in the bug report that this link points to.


I know the hardware is capable of working with this setup. The dual-head operation works in Win ME, which is held in low esteem even among MS users.



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