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Re: Trying to determine where dual-display for X begins in FC/RH.

Guy Fraser wrote:
On Wed, 2005-12-01 at 20:04 -0500, Jim Cornette wrote:

I submitted a bug report for problems trying to resolve a dual display problem with the latest xorg-x11 program. I recall reading some list mail and some bug reports earlier that referred to older X versions working and later versions failing. I want to see if this is regression or if an Intel 815 (primary) and an ati (secondary) video card could work with Fedora/Red Hat.
I installed Severn to see if I could configure dual-display and found only the start of the configuration tool interface. (blank tab).
Anyway, before trailing through all the betas, FC releases and such, I would like to know where a functional configuration tool begins.

I will have to presume that reading the documentation and then using "vi" to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf don't count.

Severn is now gone. I upgraded to FC2 to try to configure this with s-c-display.

As for the editing the xorg.conf file to do dual head functioning. I think editing should be a last resort, after configuration tools fall short of expectations.

Basic problem. Rawhide s-c-display errored out on attempting to reconfigure X. Severn does not have the tool. FC2 comes with the ability to configure dual head.

I'll attempt to scour through the documentation to manually configure dual head. I can get X up and running. The problem is with getting the secondary and promary cards configure to work correctly.

Internal video (Intel 815) and PCI slotted ATI video do not seem to configure properly with Internal first, PCI secondary.

I figured out where s-c-display and X both seem to work a bit. (FC2 w/ no updates applied. The interaction is still present with this backdated trail.

So the answer is: With vi and scouring documentation for X?


The bug and hardware that I am trying to use is posted in the bug report that this link points to.


I know the hardware is capable of working with this setup. The dual-head operation works in Win ME, which is held in low esteem even among MS users.



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