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Re: FC 4 Xorg Rpms on FC 3?

Tom Browder wrote:
To possibly solve my X problems, Jim Cornette suggested I try latest xorg
source from their CVS.

Would adding latest xorg rpms from rawhide to my FC 3 setup be feasible
without installing the whole FC 4 test?

Or is FC 4 stable enough so that I should try that?

Generally speaking, my recommendation to end users is to never use X.Org CVS directly for several reasons:

1) Installing from raw X source will not be configured identically to the way X is built in Fedora Core. This will be even worse on AMD64 64bit OS installations with multilib.

2) You will no longer be able to use X from rpm packaging or upgrade the OS without manually hacking various things in the filesystem to undo the damage installing X from source does.

While it is possible to undo the damage, it is a PITA, and I really don't recommend it. If you _must_ do it, use ProjectRoot et al. (documented in the host.def section of the rpm spec file instead.

The rawhide X rpms *should* work on FC3. If not, simply rebuild them on FC3.

There will be an X.Org X11 update to 6.8.2 for FC3 when it is released also.

Hope this helps.

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